Stop stress, anxiety, anger, depression

My name is Clive Sherlock. I am a doctor, psychiatrist, medical psychologist, lecturer and founder of Adaptation Practice (AP). I am based in Oxford and work globally.


I set up Adaptation Practice when starting to specialise in psychiatry and clinical psychology because conventional treatments were, and still are, inadequate and often harmful.

While working as a hospital doctor I undertook a traditional Zen Buddhist training that, although mainly practical, included studying Buddhist philosophy and psychology. I found it to be significantly more helpful than western medicine and psychology for mental illnesses and emotional problems.

Adaptation Practice is based on years of experience in both western medicine and eastern, Zen Buddhist, training. Unique, safe and effective, AP is practical and does not depend on drugs or psychological talking therapies. It deals with how emotion affects what we feel and what we say, do and think.

You can read the report on the pilot study Adaptation Practice: Teaching doctors how to cope with stress, anxiety and depression by developing resilience.

People come to train in Adaptation Practice from all over the world because they are suffering from some form of emotional or mental distress; not only conditions such as stress, anxiety, anger, depression and disturbed behaviour, that have not responded to conventional treatments, but also general malaise, resentment, loss and fear – click here for a more detailed list of what Adaptation Practice helps deal with.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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